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about the jacksons


The Jackson family is from Wendell, North Carolina. Drew Jackson started to make candles in 2016 out of pure curiosity and intrigue. As he dug deeper into the art of candling, Drew and his wife Leigh got the wonderful news that their little family would soon be growing. As Drew and Leigh began to nest their home and baby proof their lives, he started to give more thought to  candling, and the safety of candles and chemicals used in candling. After speaking with other professionals and manufacturers in the field, Drew decided to gear his hobby towards a profession and to do so providing his community with safe, quality candles that they could enjoy in their homes. 

Drew and Leigh still make every candle  by hand in their home, and deliver them to your door. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to shoot an email to:


Thanks for your business, and your support.


God bless America!

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